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Visitor Pontoon Berths

The pontoon was installed in 2011 and provides spacious accommodation for 9 visiting boats. All the fingers are 12m long, each bay is 12m wide and the outer landing stage is 14.5m long.  The main walkway to the south of the pontoon is 35m long allowing us to accommodate larger boats. 



The berths are easy to manoeuvre into, even for larger and beamier boats.

The pontoon has plenty of depth, normally a minimum of 3m but the outer berths have up to 8m.  If you need any advice on depths, please ask.

Electric, fresh water, and free wifi are available on the pontoon but please note you will need your own hose for water.  Waste bins and recycling are available.

Reservation is strongly recommended in June, July and August.  These can be made by phone, on the day of arrival only. 

Please note that the pontoon will be closed when winds are in S, SSE or SE directions, gusting to Force 6 or above.  Mooring buoys may be available at these times.

Berthing Plan

Visitor Mooring Buoys

We have 4 commercial Swinging Moorings in the bay which have red buoys with orange pickups and marked 'Visitor'.  These are suitable for boats up to 15 tons and 15m in length and are all in deep water.

The entrance to the bay is wide and simple to navigate - just keep to the East of the Cardinal Marker.  There is deep water in most of the bay.  A tag with our phone number is attached to the pickups for you to contact us on arrival. In June, July and August the moorings can be reserved by phone on the day of arrival only.

Prices 2024

Pontoon Berth (Overnight - over 6m)           £3.30 per metre

(includes water and electric)

Pontoon Berth (Overnight - under 6m)         £15.00 Fixed

Mooring Buoys (per night)                            £18.00 Fixed

Pontoon Short Stay                                      £10.00 Fixed

(Short Stays are a Max 4 hours and

berths must be vacated by 3.30pm or

overnight charges will apply)

Use of Slipway (per day)                              £10.00 Fixed

Day Boat Storage (per annum)                    £435.00 

All prices include VAT at 20%


Jan & Mark Drury

Salen Jetty



PH36 4JN

Tel No: 07909 944494 or 01967 431510

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